The Future Market for VR

The future is going to center on virtual reality and there’s no way around that fact. The industry continues to grow and is projected to expand exponentially year over year. The number of VR consumers is projected to grow by 80% by 2025 and that’s no small number at all. It means that most people will have VR headsets in their homes and almost everyone will have it on their phones and mobile devices. There’s no stopping it at this point, so let’s take a look at the projected market for VR by the year 2025.

Growing Demand for Creators

As the VR market grows over the next few years, the need for VR content is going to explode right along with it. There are going to have to be people making the things you’re using in your VR, whether it’s on your phone or in an expensive headset. This growth will affect every facet of content creation. It doesn’t matter if you make videos, offer training, monitor web sites, or are even a sex worker. The need for VR content from you is going to come at a very high demand and it’s a good idea to learn how to start making it right now!

Tech Production

Naturally, along with all this VR content, you’re going to need the hardware to make it all happen. That means that the production of VR chipsets is going to skyrocket. That’s going to affect everyone from designers to factory workers. Everyone is going to want to put a VR chipset in their technology and there must be physical products ready for them to use. Just the number of VR gamers is set to increase by 90% by 2026 and that alone will require a steady stream of VR devices to support it.


Believe it or not, the VR explosion is going to change the way we kill each other as well. Some countries are already using VR to train their soldiers on the virtual battlefield. It’s also in high use by drone operators and military vehicle commanders. It saves a lot of lives, as long as you’re on the side that has the VR capabilities. If you’re on the other side, then things aren’t looking great for you. Turning war into a game might just remove the humanity in us that turns an intercept operation into a “take no prisoners” melee.

Eating Out

It might not seem logical but even the act of eating out is going to change with the scaling up of virtual reality by 2026. It’s now possible to order food from a restaurant and use VR to immerse yourself in a different environment while you eat it. This is great for online dating! You can meet up with your date in the virtual restaurant while you eat food delivered by it right to your door. If you don’t want to eat in a restaurant, you can both order Italian and eat it on a Tuscan hillside and that’s just exciting!