10 Real Robots of the Modern World

Robot have been a part of the public consciousness for centuries and they’re finally being developed by trailblazing companies that are shaping the future of the human condition. You don’t have to wait for another hundred years to see them, though. Here are 10 robots that exist right now!

10. Bina48

Bina48 has lots of different functions but it’s essentially an AI companion robot that can seem to think on its own and carry on a conversation with humans. It was created with interview transcripts to make it sound like a real person. It also has a face scanned from a human and face and voice recognition software, so it always knows who it’s talking to. It’s the perfect robot for anyone who’s lonely and into robots at the same time.

9. Moley Robotics

Moley Robotics is a company out of London that’s created a robotic cook that’s destined to be in every kitchen in the future. It can cook anything you want but it doesn’t end there. It’s also capable of washing the dishes and putting them away for you.

 If you hate cooking or love robots, then this is going to change your life very soon. It also just looks really cool!

8. Festo Bionic Animals

Festo builds robots that are just like animals in every way possible. They’re biologically accurate and are currently being used for research. So far, they’ve made bats, spiders, and even turtles. The future is meant to see them sold as toys for children and it doesn’t get any better than that. A child can have a pet that’s just like the real thing without the mess!

7. Sophia

Sophia is one of the most famous AIs that you can find, and it’s even been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It can carry on a conversation and has been going strong since 2014. The robot can imitate human movements. It’s going to get more sophisticated as time goes on and it might just be the first model to appear in a person’s home.

6. Atlas

Atlas is the newest robot from Boston Dynamics and it’s the sleekest machine they’ve created. What makes it great is that it has awareness of the world around it. That makes it possible for the robot to move around and avoid obstacles, just like a real person. It can lift heavy objects and carry them around, making the need for backbreaking physical labor a thing of the past.

5. Spot 2

Spot 2 is the first robot on the list that looks like a dog and it can carry out lots of different tasks. Just like the last entry, it’s been created by Boston Dynamic and is aware of the world around it. It’s smaller and lighter than the last Spot so it can really get around. It’s also much nimbler so it can make its way around outside and inside a tight room.

4. Ekso GT

The Ekso GT is an aid for people with physical limitations and works as a pair of legs and keeps the user balanced and on their feet. It can change the lives of millions of people and the development is still ongoing. Once it reaches the open market, there’s no doubt that it will become a very common sight. A robot that helps people with mobility problems will always be widely accepted.

3. Asimo

Asimo is about as humanoid as a robot can currently get and is able to move around on its own. It can understand spoken commands as well as gestures. The working hands allow it to turn lights on and off as well as carry anything in the house. It’s designed to be a helper robot and it works very well for that purpose. It’s no longer being produced but it greatly moved the science of AI forward.

2. Jia Jia

Jia Jia has an incredibly human like face and can easily be interacted with by other people. It may move around on wheels, but it can process new information and speech as it’s uploaded through real interactions. It can respond to questions as well as make micro-expressions, just like a human. It’s no wonder why this robot gets so many looks when it’s out on display and it’s still being updated and evolved.

1. Curiosity Rover

Finally, we come to the Curiosity Rover. While it may not be the type of robot you imagine, it’s every bit a robot, built to think and act like a human, just like the other robots. It’s investigating the planet Mars right now and moving around the terrain on its own. It has lots of tools to test the landscape and costs over $2 million to create. There is a chance it may still be driving around by the time humans arrive on the red planet!

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